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Light Heat Energy
Light Heat Energy by Radiancy is a
safe long-term solution

Doctors have known for years that certain wavelengths of light directed deep into the hair follicle could result in damage to the follicle and its ability to regrow.

Now there’s a revolutionary new treatment technology, called LHE (Light Heat Energy), that combines light and heat for effective permanent hair reduction with virtually no harmful side effects.

LHE is a safe and simple procedure. It has been used successfully in clinics around the world to help people with all types of hair and on most types of skin.

How LHE therapy removes hair

Pulsed light penetrates deep into the hair follicle where it triggers a photothermal reaction that heats up the follicle. 
At the same time, heat travels down through the skin to help raise the temperature inside the hair follicle, results in its destruction.
The result is long-term removal of hair for long-lasting satisfaction.

What to expect from LHE therapy

Like any long-term hair removal treatment, LHE can only remove hair that is in its growth phase at the time of treatment. Individual hairs go into their growth phase at different times. In order to remove all of the unwanted hairs during their growth phase, the technician will schedule a series of LHE treatments spaced one to three months apart.

A typical treatment session takes from 5 to 45 minutes, depending on the size of the body area being treated. Your technician will provide you details about your treatment and prepare a plan that's right for you.

Hair can be a problem to remove

When hair grows where you don't want it to, its a problem. Unsightly, embarrassing and very common. Unwanted or excessive body hair affects both women and men. Women often experience it on the face, the legs, under the arms or in the bikini area. For men, the problem areas are typically the back, chest or face. Because unwanted hair is a universal concern, many methods are used to remove it. These range from messy and tedious techniques for short-term removal to harsh and costly options for longer-term results.

Is LHE therapy right for me?

LHE is used safely and effectively worldwide to remove all types of hair, fine to coarse, medium to dark, on most types of skin anywhere on the body. Of course, as with all medical procedures, your technician will discuss your candidacy for treatment based on your own needs. The heat is on to get rid of unwanted hair! Ask your technician about Radiancy Systems powered by LHE, the only treatment that combines light with heat for safe permanent hair reduction.

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